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Table 1 Listed are the ISL parameters and the values used for this work.

From: Cloud computing and validation of expandable in silico livers

Parameter Value Description
StepsPerCycle 2 # of model steps in 1 simulation cycle
SSTypeRatio 0.550 Ratio of short, wide SS to long, narrow SS
DirSinCirc 24 Width of short, wide SS
DirSinLenAlpha 1.000 Gamma distribution shape parameter
DirSinLenBeta 0.085 Gamma distribution scale parameter
DirSinLenShift 0.000 Scalar shift parameter
TortSinCirc 10 Width of long, narrow SS
TortSinLenAlpha 8.000 Gamma distribution shape parameter
TortSinLenBeta 0.075 Gamma distribution scale parameter
TortSinLenShift -10.000 Scalar shift parameter
SinusoidTurbo 0.250 Ratio of forward to zero bias for compound random walk
CoreFlowRate 1 # SS grid points per cycle compound moves in the Core and the bilecanal
BileCanalCirc 1 Thickness of the bilecanal in SS grid points
S2EJumpProb 0.850 Likelihood a compound will move from Space A to Space B
E2SJumpProb 0.150 Likelihood a compound will move from Space B to Space A
E2DJumpProb 0.850 Likelihood a compound will move from Space A to Space C
D2EJumpProb 0.150 Likelihood a compound will move from Space C to Space B
ECDensity 0.900 Fraction of Space B points filled with endothelial cells
HepDensity 0.900 Fraction of Space C points filled with hepatocytes
BindersPerCellMin/Max 125/125 Uniformly distributed # of binder objects in each cell
MetabolismProb 0.200 Likelihood a bound compound will be metabolized
SoluteBindingProb 0.750 Likelihood an intracellular compound will be bound
SoluteBindingCycles 15 # of cycles a compound is bound
SoluteScale 1.0 Scaling from ISL to wet-lab dose fraction
MembraneCrossing No/Yes Whether compound crosses cell membranes
BileRatio 0%/50% Percent of compound that goes back into cell vs. bile
Dosage 5,000 Generate and insert this many compound objects
DosageCycle 2 Simulation cycle at which to inject the compound