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Figure 4

From: Inference of hierarchical regulatory network of estrogen-dependent breast cancer through ChIP-based data

Figure 4

Regulatory pathway analysis on the dataset after combining with all three ChIP-based datasets. A) The time series gene expression data of E2 induced genes superimposed with the regulatory pathway map produced by DREM using the gene expression profile as well as ERα binding sites and Pol-II binding sites. The bright green nodes indicate split points where the sets of expression of genes diverge. B) Paths out of splits are annotated with TFs determined by DREM to be associated with the genes assigned to the path at a score <0.1. The GO annotations for the genes in 5 of the paths are shown at the right with their p-values. C) The genes traversing the 3 splits are shown with (a) corresponding to the split at 0-hr, (b) corresponding to the split at 3-hr and (c) corresponding to the split at 6-hr.

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