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Table 1 Spearman correlation of PPID, ePPID and betweenness with protein evolutionary rate.

From: Understanding protein evolutionary rate by integrating gene co-expression with protein interactions

Protein interaction datasets n PPID vs. dN ePPID vs. dN betweenness vs. dN
   rho (p) rho (p) rho (p)
Y2H-union 1,104 -0.0487(1.06e-01) -0.142(2.25e-06) -0.0365(2.26e-01)
Combined-AP/MS 922 -0.158(1.46e-06) -0.251(1.03e-14) -0.241(1.21e-13)
LC-multiple 894 -0.172(2.46e-07) -0.267(4.72e-16) -0.186(2.05e-08)
Updated-HC 2,245 -0.183(2.62e-18) -0.242(2.58e-31) -0.128(1.30e-09)
DIP-CORE 1,342 -0.152(2.33e-08) -0.254(3.69e-21) -0.111(4.53e-05)
DIP-FULL 2,572 -0.233(4.56e-33) -0.271(1.40e-44) -0.188(5.90e-22)
  1. dN represents protein evolutionary rate measured by non-synonymous substitutions. n is the number of proteins for which both PPID and protein evolutionary rate are available. rho is Spearman rank correlation coefficient, and p is the corresponding statistical significance. Bold indicates that p is significant at the statistical significance level of 0.05.