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Table 2 Development stages and tissues/biological processes of interest

From: Integrated functional networks of process, tissue, and developmental stage specific interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana

Development Stage Tissue/Biological Process AUC Level
C globular stage meristem 0.822 Strong interaction with development
  leaf 0.818  
  seed 0.754  
D bilateral stage embryo dev stages flower dev stages meristem 0.816 Strong interaction with development
0 germination flora organ dev stages flower dev stages carpel 0.66 Weak interaction with development
  1. These nine tissue/process contexts had sufficient overlapping curated information to evaluate our accuracy in predicting functional relationships occurring during a specific developmental stage within one tissue. For example, the meristem activates gene programs to differentiate into shoot and root tissues during the D bilateral stage [20], and we accurately recover these predicted interactions.