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Figure 6

From: The protein kinase Mζ network as a bistable switch to store neuronal memory

Figure 6

Simulations predicting experimental results. Time courses of A) [PKMζ] and B) EPSC amplitude after a weak stimulus, Stim(t) = 5 (0 ≤ t < 30), in the presence (solid line) or absence (dashed line) of a F-actin stabilizer. C) Steady-state [PKMζ] versus an actin polymerization rate, j 2 . The other actin polymerization rate, j 3, was treated as a dependent parameter (j 3 = 10j 2 ). D, E) [PKMζ mRNA] and bistability. D) Steady-state [PKMζ] versus the bifurcation parameter, [PKMζ mRNA]. E) The threshold [PKMζ mRNA] to perpetually activate the system.

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