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Table 2 Quantities used to describe morphological behaviors.

From: Automated characterization of cell shape changes during amoeboid motility by skeletonization

Classification Name Description
Individual pseudopods
   General Lifetime The length of time period when the pseudopod has protrusion or retraction activity
  Number of detected activities The total number of detected activities during the lifetime
  Net speed The net displacement of local membrane during the lifetime divided by the time length
   State dynamics Protrusion/retraction ratio Ratio of protrusion/retraction activities out of all detected activities
  Protrusion/retraction speed Total length of protruded/retracted displacement divided by the total length of protrusion/retraction time
  Protrusion/retraction persistence The longest running time of consistent protrusions/retractions divided by the lifetime
  State persistence The longest running time of consistent state (either protrusion or retraction) divided by the lifetime
   Angle dynamics Starting angle The angle at which the first activity of the pseudopod is detected
  Mean angle The angle averaged over all activities in the pseudopod
  Linear angle changing rate The slope of the line that fits best to the activity angle changes
  De-trended angle variance The variance of activity angles after removal of the linear changing rate
   Splitting behavior Origin The pseudopod is generated newly or by splitting from existing ones
  Number of splits How many splits are generated from the pseudopod during its lifetime
Cell Level   
   Group behavior Average number of pseudopods The average number of active pseudopods coexisting on the cell membrane at any given time point
  Ratio of pseudopods from splitting Number of pseudopods generated from splitting divided by the total number of pseudopods
  Average splitting rate Total number of splits occurred divided by the time length of the period of movement
   Averaged behavior Average protrusion/retraction persistence Computed by averaging the corresponding quantities for individual pseudopods over all pseudopods in the cell.
  Average state persistence  
  Average protrusion/retraction speed  
  Average net speed