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Table 1 Effects of noise in Blimp-1 protein expression on the steepness and position of the LPS dose response curves.

From: Stochastic Modeling of B Lymphocyte Terminal Differentiation and Its Suppression by Dioxin

  % plasma Cells IgM Secretion
Blimp-1 noise nH ED50 nH ED50
1.423 1.253 1.074 1.260 1.100
1.928 1.201 0.755 1.188 0.843
3.482 0.959 0.570 1.023 0.650
  1. Note: The quantitative effects of altering Blimp-1 noise level were evaluated for the dose response curves of percentage of plasma cell formation and IgM secretion presented in Figure 7. Blimp-1 noise level is expressed as the coefficient of variation of Blimp-1 protein abundance. The default parameter values of the model generate a coefficient of variation of 1.928. The lower (higher) noise level of 1.423 (3.482) was obtained by increasing (decreasing) Blimp-1 transcription rate constant (k13) and decreasing (increasing) Blimp-1 translation rate constant (k15) by 5-fold, which kept the deterministic steady-state level of Blimp-1 protein unchanged. nH, Hill coefficient; ED50, concentration of LPS (μg/ml) producing 50% of the maximum response.