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Table 1 Proteins with elevated expression in lesions

From: Integrated network analysis of transcriptomic and proteomic data in psoriasis

Protein name Gene Fold change
Keratin 17 KRT17 10.94444444
Keratin 14 KRT14 10.94444444
Keratin 16 KRT16 10.94444444
SCCA2/SCCA1 fusion protein isoform 2 SERPINB4 4.242424242
squamous cell carcinoma antigen; SCC antigen SERPINB3 11.66666667
Enolase 1 ENO1 2.175
Superoxide dismutase [Mn] SOD2 2
Galectin-7 (Gal-7) (HKL-14) (PI7) (p53-induced protein 1) LGALS7B 6
Protein S100-A9 (S100 calcium-binding protein A9) S100A9 Lesion only
Protein S100-A7 (S100 calcium-binding protein A7) (Psoriasin) S100A7 Lesion only