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Figure 6

From: Experimental and computational validation of models of fluorescent and luminescent reporter genes in bacteria

Figure 6

Correction of protein synthesis rates for different mRNA half-lives. (a) Original (blue line) and corrected (green line) GFP synthesis rate. The correction accounts for the systematic bias γ n /γ m = 0.54. Both profiles are normalized with respect to the peak in exponential phase. The 95% confidence bands are shown as dashed lines and the Northern blot measurements are taken from Figure 5. (b) Idem for luciferase, γ n /γ m = 0.59. (c) Robustness of computed protein synthesis rate (mRNA concentration) to systematic errors caused by differences in half-lives of gfp and fis mRNA. The figure shows the curves for γ n /γ m values equal to 0.25, 1, and 4. (d) Idem for lux.

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