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Table 1 Variables and constants used in the models of the expression of the host and reporter genes.

From: Experimental and computational validation of models of fluorescent and luminescent reporter genes in bacteria

  Concentration variables   
m(t) host mRNA concentration [M] n(t) reporter mRNA concentration [M]
p(t) host protein concentration [M] q(t) total reporter protein concentration [M]
   r(t) active reporter protein concentration [M]
  Promoter activity and growth rate   
f(t) promoter activity [dimensionless] μ(t) growth rate [min-1]
  Kinetic constants   
κ m transcription rate constant [M min1] κ p translation rate constant [min-1]
   κ r folding rate constant [min-1]
γ m host mRNA degradation constant [min-1] γ n reporter mRNA degradation constant [min-1]
γ p host protein degradation constant [min-1] γ q reporter protein degradation constant [min-1]