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Figure 3

From: Correlation Network Analysis reveals a sequential reorganization of metabolic and transcriptional states during germination and gene-metabolite relationships in developing seedlings of Arabidopsis

Figure 3

Day-by-transcript relationships. (A) PCA scores plot of the time points sampled during germination and seedling establishment based on the average transcript levels. Each number 0 to 8 represents one day (24 h) from imbibed seeds (0) to 8 days (8) of age, respectively. (B) Higher order relationships among days based on mean values of transcript levels from the 3 replicates visualized by spring embedding. The plot shows day 0 (d0) to day 8 (d8) as nodes and the relative degree of transcript correlation as edges. Clustering was based on Pearson correlation coefficients at a threshold cut-off of 0.7. The color bar on the right of the figure provides the relative degree of correlation.

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