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Figure 4

From: Correlation Network Analysis reveals a sequential reorganization of metabolic and transcriptional states during germination and gene-metabolite relationships in developing seedlings of Arabidopsis

Figure 4

Day-by-metabolite relationships. (A) PCA scores plot where each number represents one day (24 h) from imbibed seeds (0) to 8 days of age (8). (B) Spring embedding plot where the symbols d0 to d8 correspond to the samples in A. Each point is a node representing the mean value and each line gives the relative degree of correlation. The threshold Pearson correlation coefficient for the spring embedding was 0.7. The color bar on the right of each figure provides the relative degree of coloration. Both types of analysis were based on the mean values (n = 3) of 3 replicates (2 replicates for day 3).

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