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Figure 5

From: Correlation Network Analysis reveals a sequential reorganization of metabolic and transcriptional states during germination and gene-metabolite relationships in developing seedlings of Arabidopsis

Figure 5

A spring embedding model revealing relationships between metabolites and genes from days 0 to 8. Pearson correlation coefficients were determined between every metabolite and gene over the 9 time points. Metabolites are central nodes from which connected genes radiate outwards. The coloured lines represent edges describing the nature of the correlation; a dark red line represents a strong positive correlation whereas a dark blue line represents a strong negative correlation. A total of 237 correlations were identified between 20 metabolites and 209 genes at the threshold cut-off of (p < 0.0001, r > |0.95|). The plots inset show the profiles of the average expression values for the transcription factors IAA14, ARF10 and ABI3 used to calculate correlation coefficients.

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