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Table 2 Identified regulatory genes correlated with metabolites.

From: Correlation Network Analysis reveals a sequential reorganization of metabolic and transcriptional states during germination and gene-metabolite relationships in developing seedlings of Arabidopsis

Locus Metabolite r= † Gene Symbol Gene Description†
Transcription factors
AT1G30970 Sucrose 0.9672 SUF4 Suppressor of Frigida 4
AT2G20180 Sucrose 0.9493 PIF1 Myc-related bHLH transcription factor
AT2G24500 Sucrose 0.9628 FZF C2H2 zinc finger protein FZF
AT2G25930 unkM7.9 -0.9752 ELF3 Early Flowering 3
AT2G28350 unkM7.9 -0.9667 ARF10 Auxin Response Factor 10
AT2G31370 fumarate - 0.9495 POSF21 bZIP transcription factor POSF21
AT2G43010 unkM1.85 -0.9529 PIF4 Nuclear localized bHLH protein that interacts with active PhyB
AT3G15030 unkS7.37 -0.9586 TCP4 Arabidopsis thaliana TCP
Family transcription factor
AT3G24650 Sucrose 0.9721 ABI3 Homologous to the maize transcription factor Viviparous-1.
AT4G14550 unkM1.85 -0.9588 SLR/IAA14 IAA14 is a member of the Aux/IAA protein family. Solitary Root locus.
AT4G35570 Sucrose 0.9803 HMGB5 High Mobility Group B 5
AT5G17800 Sucrose 0.977 ATMYB56 Member of the R2R3 factor gene family
Kinases &Receptors
AT1G09570 Sucrose 0.9777 PHYA Phytochrome A
AT4G16250 Sucrose 0.9581 PHYD Phytochrome D
AT3G16030 alanine
0.9519 CES101 Callus Expression of RBCS
DNA/RNA binding
AT1G61040 Sucrose 0.9495 VIP5 Vernalization Independence 5 putative heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein
AT2G33410 Sucrose 0.9771   
AT2G37020 Sucrose 0.9522   DNA binding, Chloroplast
AT3G16810 Sucrose 0.9735 APUM24 Arabidopsis Pumilio 24
AT4G14520 Sucrose 0.9625   Homologous to the DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit (At5g59180)
AT4G25500 Sucrose 0.9721 ATRSP35 arginine/serine-rich splicing factor
AT4G36020 Sucrose 0.9577 CSDP1 Cold shock domain protein
AT5G07290 Sucrose 0.9538 AML4 ARABIDOPSIS MEI2-LIKE 4
AT5G14270 glutamine -0.9566 ATBET9 Arabidopsis thaliana Bromodomain and Extra terminal Domain protein 9
AT5G38890 Sucrose 0.9898   Exoribonuclease-related
AT5G53180 fumarate - 0.9593 ATPTB2 Polypyrimidine tract-binding (PTB) Protein
  1. † Pearson correlation coefficients based on a false discovery rate at a significance threshold < 0.05. The sign gives the direction of correlation.