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Figure 4

From: Avoiding transcription factor competition at promoter level increases the chances of obtaining oscillation

Figure 4

The bifurcation diagram with β as control parameter. The bifurcation diagram obtained by varying β, with α = 50 and Δ = 10, (A) and (C) γ = 0.01 and (B) and (D) γ = 0.05. It corresponds to the crossing of Figures 3A and 3B at constant γ. In black, we plot the stable (solid) and unstable (dashed) fixed points, x o , and in red and blue, the maximum and minimum, respectively, of the stable limit cycle. Notice the change in the way oscillations are triggered depending on the fixed parameters. Here Hopf(b) and Hopf(p) indicate subcritical and supercritical bifurcation, respectively. Gray areas represent damped oscillations.

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