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Figure 2

From: An integrative multi-dimensional genetic and epigenetic strategy to identify aberrant genes and pathways in cancer

Figure 2

Quantitative and qualitative benefits of integrative analyses. (A) Heatmap and bar plot illustration of the additive benefit of multi-dimensional DNA analysis for the explanation of consequential differential gene expression. Within a sample, when sequentially adding a DNA dimension of analysis, an increasing percentage of observed differential gene expression can be explained. For each dimension or combination of dimensions, in the bar plot, the median value is used (grey bars). Heatmaps display the percentage of differential expression explained by DNA mechanisms, with values near to 100 either dark red (overexpression) or green (underexpression) and values closer to 0 in white. (B) Two specific genes GNAS and CASP1 are given as examples to show multiple and complementary mechanisms of gene disruption, illustrating the importance of multi-dimensional analysis (MDA).

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