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Figure 6

From: An integrative multi-dimensional genetic and epigenetic strategy to identify aberrant genes and pathways in cancer

Figure 6

Complex deregulation of the Neuregulin/ERBB2 signaling pathway. Each gene is color-coded red and green to represent over and underexpression respectively. Genes colored both represent genes which are over and underexpressed in different samples. Beside each gene is the status for gene expression, copy number, LOH/AI and DNA methylation, with the alterations in each dimension colored as per the legend. DNA alterations are only shown when a change in gene expression is observed. It should be noted that LOH can be derived from multiple mechanisms. In this study, we do not distinguish between the which mechanisms. Likewise, methylation changes may affect one or both alleles. In this study, we do not distinguish the status of the alleles individually. Genes denoted with * have one sample exhibiting multiple concerted disruption (MCD). Samples are coded as follows: S1 = HCC38, S2 = HCC1008, S3 = HCC1143, S4 = HCC1395, S5 = HCC1599, S6 = HCC1937, S7 = HCC2218, S8 = BT474, and S9 = MCF7.

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