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Figure 5

From: Co-expression module analysis reveals biological processes, genomic gain, and regulatory mechanisms associated with breast cancer progression

Figure 5

Expression profile of genes in the chromosome region 8q21-23. Expression data for genes in the chromosome region 8q21-23 were collected from the GSE2109 dataset and visualized in a heat map. Rows present genes and columns represent samples. Genes are ordered by their chromosome location and colored-coded on the left by three cytogenetic bands 8q21, 8q22, and 8q23. Genes in module_36 are marked in red and labeled on the left. Samples are color-coded on the top by tumor grade, where blue, cyan, and pink correspond to grades 1, 2, and 3, respectively. The color scale bar at the bottom shows the relative gene expression level (0 is the mean expression level of a given gene).

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