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Table 4 Main topological parameters and the most connected nodes of C A network

From: The spermatozoa caught in the net: the biological networks to study the male gametes post-ejaculatory life

  C A
N°nodes 109
N°edges 143
Clustering coefficient 0.036
Diameter 20
Averaged n°neighbours 2.606
Char. path length 6.957
IN degree distribution b = -1.829
  r = 0.997
R2 = 0.948
OUT degree distribution b = -2.240
r = 0.992
R2 = 0.894
Hub (n°edges) ATP (13); Ca2+ (12)
  1. The number of nodes represent the total number of molecules involved, the number of edges represents the total number of interaction found, the clustering coefficient is calculated as C I = 2n I/k(k-1), where n I is the number of links connecting the k I neighbours of node I to each other, the network diameter is the largest distance between two nodes, the Averaged n°neighbours represent the mean number of connection of each node, the Char. path length gives the expected distance between two connected nodes.