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Figure 2

From: Diffusion is capable of translating anisotropic apoptosis initiation into a homogeneous execution of cell death

Figure 2

Spatiotemporal initiation of the reaction-diffusion model of apoptosis execution. (A, B) The distinct kinetics of the input functions for cyt-c induced apoptosome formation and Smac influx into the reaction network are shown for both the near and far ends of the modelled cell. (C, D) The local inputs of cyt-c induced apoptosome formation and Smac influx are shown for the full modelled distance. The pseudo-colour scales allow to read off how the local inputs proceed versus time. Identical colours display in slopes across distance and indicate that the initiation of both input functions progresses simultaneously. Smac influx follows a slower local input kinetic than cyt-c induced apoptosome formation, as visible by distinct colour gradients versus time for the two processes.

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