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Figure 7

From: BioModels Database: An enhanced, curated and annotated resource for published quantitative kinetic models

Figure 7

View of a model page. This screen image shows the interface of BioModels Database as it displays the model Kholodenko1999 EGFRsignaling (BIOMD0000000048). As illustrated here, the display of a model in the system is divided into several areas. The areas have been highlighted and numbered here for discussion purposes. The first area, across the top, contains general links for accessing the various features of BioModels Database. The second allows the user to perform actions specific to the model currently displayed (for example, to download the model in various formats or simulate it online). The third area contains all the different views of the model in separate tabbed window panes; each tabbed area is dedicated to a given aspect of the model (e.g., overview, mathematics, model entities, parameters, curation information, etc.). The fourth area is used to display content specific to the currently selected view of the model.

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