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Table 3 MODY characteristics

From: The role of noise and positive feedback in the onset of autosomal dominant diseases

MODY type Gene deficiency Prevalence(1) Treatment(1,2) Simulated mean/std of onset age Simulated mean/std insulin
1 Hnf-4α Uncommon Oral medication or insulin 10.3/1.2 0.18/0.02
2 glycokinase Common Diet and exercise 4.5/0.3 0.26/0.005
3 Hnf-1α Most common Oral medication or insulin 24.0/8.1 0.24/0.08
4 Pdx1 Rare Oral medication or insulin 22.6/11.0 0.22/0.11
5 Hnf-1β Rare Insulin 9.3/0.4 0.08/0.004
  1. Observed and simulated characteristics of the five major MODY types. The absolute magnitude of the simulated values is not as important as the relative values. The standard deviation in the age of onset is much larger for MODY3 and MODY4, which should be reflected in a range of onset ages in epidemiological data. Mean and standard deviation of the insulin levels is related to the severity of the disease. Data for "Prevalence" from [42, 44].