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Table 1 Model parameters

From: Stress-specific response of the p53-Mdm2 feedback loop

Parameter   Default value Effect of stresses
σ p53 production 1000 Ribonucleotide depletion
α Mdm2-independent 0.1 hr-1  
  degradation/deactivation of p53   
δ Mdm2-dependent 11 hr-1 DNA damage, Hypoxia,
  degradation/deactivation of p53   Oncogene, Nitric Oxide: all
k t Mdm2 transcription 0.03 nM-1hr-1 Hypoxia
k tl Mdm2 translation 1.4 hr-1  
B Mdm2 mRNA degradation 0.6 hr-1  
γ degradation/deactivation of Mdm2 0.2 hr-1 DNA damage
k b p53-Mdm2 dissociation 7200 hr-1  
k D = k b /k f p53-Mdm2 dissociation constant 1.44 nM Nutlin , DNA damage
  1. The numbers show the default value of each parameter, and correspond to the default resting state marked by the white dot in Figure 2. The rightmost column shows which stresses increase (upward arrow) or decrease (downward arrow) the value of a parameter. Details of the choice of parameter values are given in additional file 2.