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Table 3 GO term enrichment analysis of 178 predicted E2F-target genes.

From: Identification of transcription factor's targets using tissue-specific transcriptomic data in Arabidopsis thaliana

GO Term Description P-value Number of Genes
GO:0006260 DNA replication 4.53E-29 23
GO:0006259 DNA metabolic process 1.97E-26 29
GO:0006261 DNA-dependent DNA replication 1.40E-13 12
GO:0006270 DNA replication initiation 6.44E-11 7
GO:0034645 Cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process 2.81E-10 47
GO:0009059 Macromolecule biosynthetic process 3.61E-10 47
GO:0034961 Cellular biopolymer biosynthetic process 7.72E-10 46
GO:0043284 Biopolymer biosynthetic process 9.65E-10 46
GO:0044260 Cellular macromolecule metabolic process 2.13E-09 60
GO:0043170 Macromolecule metabolic process 2.33E-09 61
GO:0034960 Cellular biopolymer metabolic process 3.61E-09 59
GO:0043283 Biopolymer metabolic process 4.82E-09 59
GO:0044249 Cellular biosynthetic process 8.07E-08 50
GO:0044238 Primary metabolic process 1.91E-07 65
GO:0009058 Biosynthetic process 4.48E-07 50
GO:0006139 Nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolic process 6.32E-07 35
GO:0007049 Cell cycle 2.29E-06 12
GO:0044237 Cellular metabolic process 2.88E-06 65
GO:0009987 Cellular process 3.99E-06 77
GO:0008152 Metabolic process 1.64E-05 67
GO:0051052 Regulation of DNA metabolic process 2.18E-04 5
GO:0032776 DNA methylation on cytosine 1.04E-03 3
GO:0006412 Translation 1.80E-03 21
GO:0022402 Cell cycle process 1.98E-03 7
GO:0006281 DNA repair 4.07E-03 7
GO:0034984 Cellular response to DNA damage stimulus 4.29E-03 7
GO:0044267 Cellular protein metabolic process 4.83E-03 31
GO:0019538 Protein metabolic process 5.15E-03 31
GO:0042254 Ribosome biogenesis 5.18E-03 8
GO:0006974 Response to DNA damage stimulus 5.81E-03 7
GO:0022613 Ribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis 5.83E-03 8
GO:0044085 Cellular component biogenesis 8.30E-03 11