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Table 4 Performance comparison of various methods with Arabidopsis networks of less than 40,000 edges (the numbers before "/") and less than 70,000 edges (the numbers after "/") .

From: Identification of transcription factor's targets using tissue-specific transcriptomic data in Arabidopsis thaliana

Applied Method Network Size Confirmed Edges Ratio
Pearson Correlation (Cutoff=0.70) 35,253/71,417 25/36 7.09e-4/5.04e-4
Causal Linear Regression Model 30,000/59,557 5/16 1.66e-4/2.68e-4
Graphical Gaussian Model GeneNet: Static method 30,000/68,624 9/10 3.00e-4/1.46e-4
  GeneNet: Dynamic Method 30,000/68,658 9/10 3.00e-4/1.45e-4
Meta-analysis (Microarray data partition) Tissue-wide partition 12,300/59,676 35/57 28.5e-4/9.55e-4
  Experiment-wide partition 37,850/56,775 14/18 3.96e-4/3.17e-4
  Development-based partition 37,850/57,339 18/22 4.75e-4/3.84e-4