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Table 5 Global regulators from medium size network having most target genes. A complete list of putative targets for each TF is available in Additional file 2.

From: Identification of transcription factor's targets using tissue-specific transcriptomic data in Arabidopsis thaliana

  Locus ID Symbol Annotation Target
1 AT2G38470 WRKY33 Response to drought, heat, chitin, osmotic stress, salt, cold etc., defense response to fungus, bacterium 216
2 AT1G80840 WRKY40 Response to wounding, salicylic acid, chitin, defense response to bacterium, fungus etc 102
3 AT3G49530 anac062 Response to chitin 130
4 AT3G57150 NAP57 Pseudouridine synthesis 322
5 AT4G37490 CYCB1 Response to gamma radiation, regulation of cell growth 168
6 AT3G22780 TSO1 Regulation of meristem organization 134
7 AT4G17500 AtERF-1 Response to chitin, regulation of transcription, DNA- dependent 120
8 AT4G30930 NFD1 Embryo sac & pollen development, karyogamy, double fertilization forming a zygote and endosperm 518
9 AT5G59820 RHL41 Response to chitin, heat, UV-B, wounding, oxidative stress, cold, photosynthesis, hyperosmatic salinity response 122
10 AT4G17230 SCL13 Response to chitin 121
11 AT5G04340 ZAT6 Nucleic acid & zinc ion binding, transcription factor activity 139
12 AT1G27730 STZ Response to abscisic acid, drought, light, cold, chitin, salt etc 128