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Table 5 Top 5 scoring predicted drug-protein interactions for the GPCRs data set

From: Semi-supervised drug-protein interaction prediction from heterogeneous biological spaces

Rank Pair Annotation  
*1 D02358 Metoprolol  
  hsa154 adrenergic receptor, beta 2  
*2 D00095 Adrenaline  
  hsa155 beta3-adrenergic receptor agonist  
*3 D00371 Theophylline  
  hsa135 adenosine A2a receptor antagonist  
*4 D02354 Thiethylperazine  
  hsa1814 dopamine receptor D3  
*5 D00283 Clozapine  
  hsa1814 dopamine receptor D3(DRD3)