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Table 2 GSEA of the hStemModule based on pair-wise comparisons among pluripotent cell types of different origins.

From: An organogenesis network-based comparative transcriptome analysis for understanding early human development in vivo and in vitro

Pair-wise comparisons1 NES2 FDR3 Correlation3
iPSC vs. ePSC 1.752 0.000 Positive**
iPSC vs. tPSC 1.519 0.003 Positive**
tPSC vs. ePSC -0.518 1.000 Null
  1. 1ePSC = embryonic pluripotent stem cells, tPSC = teratocarcinoma pluripotent stem cells, iPSC = induced pluripotent stem cells; 2 (+) NES for positive correlation, (-) NES for negative correlation; 3Significance for correlation: **FDR < 0.01, and 'Null' for no significant association.