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Table 1 The parameter space of each network consisted of a set of non-dimensional parameters, each with a minimum and maximum allowed value.

From: Kinase inhibitors can produce off-target effects and activate linked pathways by retroactivity

  default range  
parameter minimum maximum description
E i 0.01 100 total kinase to total substrate ratio
E' i 0.01 100 total phosphatase to total substrate ratio
K i 0.01 100 normalized Km of kinase reaction
K' i 0.01 100 normalized Km of phosphatase reaction
P i 0.1 10 ratio of the kinase reaction Vmax to the phosphatase reaction Vmax
K B 0.01 100 normalized drug disassociation constant
  1. Each cycle i consisted of 5 dimensionless parameters: E i , E' i , K i , K' i , and P i . A final parameter, K B , applied to the targeted inhibitor. Randomly selected dimensionless parameter values could not exceed the default ranges listed for each parameter type.