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Table 1 Genes validated using PubMed literature co-citations

From: Prioritizing cancer-related genes with aberrant methylation based on a weighted protein-protein interaction network

Symbol Entrez gene ID Diagnostic marker prognostic marker DrugBank
CREBBP* 1387   target
EP300* 2033  
HIF1A* 3091   target
PRMT1* 3276 target
PML* 5371    
med1* 5469    target
tp63* 8626  
PRKCDBP* 112464   
MANEAL* 149175    
Rasef* 158158    
  1. The star (*) in the top right corner of the first column represents this gene is methylated aberrantly in cancers validated by literature. The triangle (▲) in the second column represents this gene can be a diagnostic marker for diseases. And the pentagram () in the third column represents this gene can be a prognostic marker for diseases supported by literature.