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Table 1 Metabolic and Conservation (ERI) Information of the deleted genes in consistently appearing E. coli strain-hubs.

From: A computational exploration of bacterial metabolic diversity identifying metabolic interactions and growth-efficient strain communities

Gene Metabolic reactions Metabolic sub-systems ERI
b2276 'NADH dehydrogenase ubiquinone 8 35 protons'
'NADH dehydrogenase menaquinone 8 2 protons'
'NADH dehydrogenase demethylmenaquinone 8 28 protons'
'Oxidative Phosphorylation' 0.59
b3731 'ATP synthase four protons for one ATP ' 'Oxidative Phosphorylation' 0.78
b2779 'enolase' 'Glycolysis-Gluconeogenesis' 0.97
b3236 'malate dehydrogenase' 'Citric Acid Cycle' 0.81
b0116 '2 Oxogluterate dehydrogenase'
'Glycine Cleavage System'
'pyruvate dehydrogenase'
'Citric Acid Cycle'
'Folate Metabolism'
b2926 'phosphoglycerate kinase' 'Glycolysis-Gluconeogenesis' 0.97
b0721 'succinate dehydrogenase' 'Citric Acid Cycle'
'Oxidative Phosphorylation'
b0114 'pyruvate dehydrogenase' 'Glycolysis-Gluconeogenesis' 0.38
b3956 'phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase' 'Anaplerotic reactions' 0.34
b2551 'D alanine transaminase'
'alanine transaminase'
'glycine hydroxymethyltransferase'
'Threonine Aldolase'
'Cofactor and Prosthetic Group Biosynthesis'
'Cofactor and Prosthetic Group Biosynthesis'
'Glycine and Serine Metabolism'
'Threonine and Lysine Metabolism'
b3919 'triose phosphate isomerase' 'Glycolysis-Gluconeogenesis' 0.94
b0529 'methenyltetrahydrofolate cyclohydrolase'
'methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase NADP'
'Folate Metabolism'
'Folate Metabolism'