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Table 1 List of the proteins of complex III (input list)

From: An in silico approach combined with in vivo experiments enables the identification of a new protein whose overexpression can compensate for specific respiratory defects in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Complex III Ordered Locus Name UniProt ID SGD Name
Catalytic core YEL024W P08067 RIP1
  YOR065W P07143 CYT1
  Q0105 P00163 COB
Supernumerary subunits YBL045C P07256 COR1
  YPR191W P07257 QCR2
  YFR033C P00127 QCR6
  YDR529C P00128 QCR7
  YJL166W P08525 QCR8
  YGR183C P22289 QCR9
  YHR001W-A P37299 QCR10
Assembly factors YKL087C Q00873 CYT2
  YDR375C P32839 BCS1
  YPL215W P21560 CBP3
  YGR174C P37267 CBP4
  YLR077W Q08023 BCA1
  YDR493W Q03429 MZM1
  1. Complex III is defined by three groups of proteins: catalytic core and supernumerary subunits that are part of the structure, and other proteins involved in the assembly of the complex. UniProt ID was used to retrieve data in APID database whereas in BioGRID (or SGD) it was the SGD Name.