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Figure 2

From: Parameter adaptations during phenotype transitions in progressive diseases

Figure 2

Parameter scatter plots and predictions. Several parameters are very constrained by the data and have a well defined value (A and B), whereas others show a larger spread of possible values (D and E). The black dots represent the 108 initial sampled parameter values (individual dots not visible), whereas the red dots represent the 104 best parameter sets which were optimized. The resulting 2909 acceptable parameter sets that describe the experimental data are shown in green. Model predictions for the depositioning of hepatic triglycerides (C) and cholesterylesters (F) in cytoplasmic and endoplasmic reticulum fractions were obtained for all acceptable parameter sets. Note that only the total pools of triglyceride and cholesterylester were measured. The predictions for the triglyceride fractions are consistent, whereas the predictions for the cholesterylester fractions show a larger spread of possible outcomes.

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