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Table 4 Modeled reactions and rates of basal cyclic nucleotide signaling.

From: Time-resolved in silico modeling of fine-tuned cAMP signaling in platelets: feedback loops, titrated phosphorylations and pharmacological modulation

Reaction Rate
Basal AC influx of cAMP (r1): υ1 = k11;
Basal GC influx of cGMP (r2): Υ2 = k12;
cAMP turnover via PDE2 (r3): υ 3 = k 1 x 1 k 1 9 x 3 / k 2 + x 1 k 1 9 ;
cAMP turnover via PDE3 (r4): υ4 = k3·x4·x1/(k4+x1);
cGMP turnover via PDE2 (r5): υ5 = k5·x3·x2/(k6+x2);
cGMP turnover via PDE3 (r6): υ6 = k7·x4·x2/(k8+x2);
cGMP turnover via PDE5 (r7): υ7 = k9·x5·x2/(k10+x2);
(De)activation of PDE (r8- r13): υ8 = k14·x6;
  υ9 = k13·x3;
  υ10 = k16·x7;
  υ11 = k15·x4;
  υ12 = k18·x8;
  υ13 = k17·x5;
  1. Itemized modeled reactions r and rates υ describing the basal cyclic nucleotide signaling (see Appendix).