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Table 1 Number of nodes in the networks of OC-associated elements NW1000 and NW5000

From: Network analysis of microRNAs and their regulation in human ovarian cancer

  NW1000 NW5000
miRNAs 162 162
miRNA targets (OC cancer genes) 131 131
Transcription factors 237 244
Transcription co-factors 140 140
Edges miRNA→ target 434 434
Edges TF → miRNA 5327 14720
Protein-protein-interactions 4382 4409
Total edges 10143 19563
Total nodes 651 658
  1. The table shows the number of different nodes in the constructed networks. NW1000 concentrates on regulatory elements in the core promoter while NW5000 attempts to also include more distally located regulatory elements.