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Figure 2

From: Conserved host response to highly pathogenic avian influenza virus infection in human cell culture, mouse and macaque model systems

Figure 2

Cross-coexpression analysis of avian influenza response in Calu-3, mouse and macaque. The heatmap shows the cross-coexpression matrix of homologs in the Calu-3, mouse and macaque datasets representing the mean coexpression of each pair of genes (columns indicate one gene of a pair and rows indicate the other) from all three sets. A dendrogram from hierarchical clustering is shown at left and was used to divide the genes into six clusters (indicated by bars at right). Plots show the expression levels (log2 fold-change versus mock infected) of all genes in each of the four largest clusters (grey lines) and cluster means are represented by colored lines for Calu-3 (red), macaque (blue) and mouse (green). Significantly enriched functions for each cluster are listed on the right. This figure shows that our cross-coexpression analysis identifies groups of genes that are coexpressed in each organism but have different dynamics in each.

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