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Figure 5

From: Stochastic adaptation and fold-change detection: from single-cell to population behavior

Figure 5

Heat map of CME solution in PDF form, perfect adaptation case ( d P = 0). Input signal 'stimulation' intervals were spaced by 50 units of time between one another, while each subinterval was subdivided into the following time points: [50/214 50/212 50/210 50/28 50/26 50/24 50/22 25 50]. We restricted our state space to all combinations of (P, P m ) such that P [0,110] and P m [0,30], guaranteeing our obtained PDF is closer than 99.99% to the exact solution of the CME, at all considered time points. Probability values are colour-coded between values of 0 and 25%, where the end value corresponds to 25% or above.

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