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Table 3 Molecular species used in the GAL network models

From: Modeling the evolution of a classic genetic switch

Name Description
Gal 1p Galactokinase
Gal 2p Galactose permease
Gal 3p i Co-inducer (inactive)
Gal 3p a Co-inducer (active)
Gal 4p Transcriptional activator
Gal 80p Transcriptional repressor
Gal 1/3p i Bi-functional galactokinase/inducer (inactive)
Gal 1/3p a Bi-functional galactokinase/inducer (active)
Gal 3-80p Inducer-repressor complex
Gal 1/3-80p Galactokinase/inducer-inhibitor complex
Gal 4-80p Activator-repressor complex
GAL 1 Encodes for Gal1p
GAL 2 Encodes for Gal2p
GAL 3 Encodes for Gal3p
GAL 4 Encodes for Gal4p
GAL 80 Encodes for Gal80p
GAL 1/3 Ancestral gene. Encodes for Gal1/3p
Gal in Intracellular galactose