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Table 4 GAL promoter models

From: Modeling the evolution of a classic genetic switch

Promoter # UAS Cooperative UAS pairs Contribution to transcript production per site
GAL 1 3 2 [-0.05,21.00, -0.05]
GAL 2 2 1 [-0.01,16.00, -0.01]
GAL 3 1 0 [0.14,9.00,0.14]
GAL 4 0 0 Constitutive expression: 0.06
GAL 80 1 0 [0.01,2.00,0.01]
GAL 1/3 3 0 [0.40,17.70,0.40]
  1. # UAS indicates the number of binding sites that may be empty, bound by Gal4p, or bound by Gal4-80p. UAS pairs that are appropriately spaced to permit cooperative interactions between adjacently bound proteins are listed for each promoter. For each promoter, the strength of transcription initiation for each site that is either: [empty, bound by Gal4p, bound by Gal4-80p] is given in square brackets. A negative number indicates that transcript initiation is repressed by the occupancy state of the UAS. Note that in spite of the approximately 50 base pair separation between the two UAS in GAL2 we have allowed cooperative protein binding (see [5]). We also do not consider the 4th UAS on GAL1 (and GAL1/3) after indications that it may not be as important for gene expression as the other UAS [42].