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Figure 2

From: Epidermal growth factor receptor mutation in combination with expression of MIG6 alters gefitinib sensitivity

Figure 2

Time-course of the EGF-induced phosphorylation in the H1299 cells. Phosphorylation patterns of EGFR, Shc, MEK, and ERK in H1299WT (first panel from left), H1299EGFR-WT (second panel from left) and H1299L858R (third and forth panel from left) cell lines. Experimental results are shown as symbol plots. Western blot experiment was repeated twice, and mean values of the signal intensities were calculated. The values were normalized for each protein so that the maximum values were equal to 1 and the values at t = 0 minutes were equal to 0 under the assumption that all the proteins were inactive before EGF stimulation. Cells were treated with three concentrations of EGF: 10 nM (red circle), 1 nM (blue square), and 0.1 nM (green triangle). Representative western blot images are shown in Additional file 1, Figure S1A. Simulation results are shown as solid lines. The lines represent the time-course phosphorylation levels in silico. Red, blue, and green lines correspond to simulation results with three concentrations of EGF: 10 nM, 1 nM, and 0.1 nM, respectively.

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