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Table 1 Frequencies of the top reprogramming perturbations

From: Recipes and mechanisms of cellular reprogramming: a case study on budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

A. Reprogramming cells to sporulation under growth condition
Perturbation TUP1 KD RPD3 KD SUM1 KD IME1 OE
Frequency 0.251 0.223 0.206 0.035
B. Reprogramming cells to cell cycle under sporulation condition
Perturbation MIG1 OE IME1 KD MSN4 KD TUP1 KD
Frequency 0.25 0.215 0.138 0.128
  1. KD: knockdown; OE: overexpression. Perturbations are either gene knockdown or overexpression. See also Additional file 3, Table S3.