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Table 6 Probability density functions fitted to inter-individual variability distributions

From: A systems biology approach to dynamic modeling and inter-subject variability of statin pharmacokinetics in human hepatocytes

  Probability density function Mean s.d. rel. s.d. [%]
AUC [pmol ml -1 *min]     
AS Log-logistic 75051 92038 123
AS+ASpOH+ASoOH Log-logistic 203617 35775 18
c max [pmol ml -1 ]     
AS Log-logistic 201 64 32
AS+ASpOH+ASoOH Log-logistic 366 10 3
t(c max ) [min]     
AS Log-logistic 48 18 39
AS+ASpOH+ASoOH Log-logistic 100 12 12
  1. Probability density functions fitted to distributions of AUC, cmax and t(cmax) (depicted in Figure 7), generated in dynamic simulations considering inter-individual variability of CYP3A4 and UGT1A3 protein concentration data (Figure 6). Distributions of AUC, cmax and t(cmax) were fitted best with Log-logistic function. Displayed are the mean, the standard deviation (s.d.), and the relative standard deviation (rel. s.d.) of the fitted function, respectively.