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Table 1 Expressed mycorrhizal transporters identified by their Gene Ontology annotation in either L. bicolor or aspen

From: Using next generation transcriptome sequencing to predict an ectomycorrhizal metabolome

Transporter*   Annotation   # Genomic Expressed pVal
Nitrogen Amino acid transport GO:0006865 L. bicolor 31 87.10% 0.038
    Aspen 125 72.80% 0.031
  Ammonium transporter activity GO:0008519 L. bicolor 9 88.90% 0.116
    Aspen 17 52.90% 0.567
Carbon Sugar porter activity GO:0005351 L. bicolor 27 92.60% 0.023
    Aspen 110 61.80% 0.372
Phosphorus Inorganic phosphate transporter activity GO:0005315 L. bicolor 1 100.00% 0.13
    Aspen 13 53.80% 0.519
  1. Transporters are categorized as "Nitrogen", "Carbon", and "Phosphorus" using GO annotation associated with the indicated metabolic compounds transported in the mycorrhizal metabolome. "# Genomic" indicates the total number of gene models with a specific GO annotation in the aspen or L. bicolor genome. "Expressed" is the percent of expressed vs. total transporter genes for the indicated organism in the mycorrhizal transcriptome. "pVal" is the CBD-pValue for the enrichment of a transporter annotation in the set of "Expressed" relative to the "# Genomic".