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Table 1 Interpretation and validation of the significant KEGG pathways inferred by GAGE.

From: Time series gene expression profiling and temporal regulatory pathway analysis of BMP6 induced osteoblast differentiation and mineralization

KEGG pathways Most perturbed References Other evidences
TGF-beta signaling pathway 8h [5, 57] BMP signal targets IDs, SMAD6-7, DLX5 extremely up
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 8h [33, 58] IFN target gene sets down (Table 4)
Wnt signaling pathway 8h [59, 60]  
Jak-STAT signaling pathway 24h [58, 61] STAT1 target genes down
MAPK signaling pathway 24h [22, 23] --
p53 signaling pathway 24h [62, 63] --
Focal adhesion 10d [20, 21] --
ECM-receptor interaction 10d [64, 65] --
  1. Literature findings and experimental evidence suggest regulatory roles of these KEGG pathways in BMP6 induced osteoblast differentiation and mineralization.