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Table 2 The overlaps in perturbed member genes between the significant KEGG pathways inferred by GAGE

From: Time series gene expression profiling and temporal regulatory pathway analysis of BMP6 induced osteoblast differentiation and mineralization

  TGFb Cyto Wnt MAPK Jak p53 Focal ECM
TGFb 0 (22) 5.6E-20(8) 3.3E-06(2) 4.3E-10(4) 3.1E-04(1) 3.1E-04(1) 2.9E-06(2) 4.1E-05(1)
Cyto 5.6E-20(8) 0(34) 1 (0) 3.4E-11(5) 8.3E-29(11) 1 (0) 6.4E-10(4) 1 (0)
Wnt 3.3E-06(2) 1 (0) 0 (24) 6.9E-10(4) 2.9E-06(2) 3.5E-09(3) 2.3E-08(3) 1 (0)
MAPK 4.3E-10(4) 3.4E-11(5) 6.9E-10(4) 0 (33) 7.0E-04(1) 2.7E-06(2) 5.5E-10(4) 1 (0)
Jak 3.1E-04(1) 8.3E-29(11) 2.9E-06(2) 7.0E-04(1) 0 (21) 1.4E-04(1) 3.4E-04(1) 1 (0)
p53 3.1E-04(1) 1 (0) 3.5E-09(3) 2.7E-06(2) 1.4E-04(1) 0 (15) 3.0E-09(3) 1.9E-05(1)
Focal 2.9E-06(2) 6.4E-10(4) 2.3E-08(3) 5.5E-10(4) 3.4E-04(1) 3.0E-09(3) 0 (23) 2.1E-24(7)
ECM 4.1E-05(1) 1 (0) 1 (0) 1 (0) 1 (0) 1.9E-05(1) 2.1E-24(7) 0 (8)
  1. For each cell in the table, in the parenthesis is the number of perturbed member genes overlapping between the significant KEGG pathways; outside is the significance of this overlap between KEGG pathways. Details of overlap analysis are given in Methods section. Full names for these KEGG pathways are: TGF-beta signaling pathway (TGFb), Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction (Cyto), Wnt signaling pathway (Wnt), MAPK signaling pathway (MAPK), Jak-STAT signaling pathway (Jak), p53 signaling pathway (p53), Focal adhesion (Focal), ECM-receptor interaction (ECM).