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Table 4 Interpretation and validation information on the significant experimental sets inferred by GAGE

From: Time series gene expression profiling and temporal regulatory pathway analysis of BMP6 induced osteoblast differentiation and mineralization

Experimental sets Significant References Other evidences
MYB targets 8h-24h,10d down [37, 38] Wnt signal (KEGG)
BAF57 down 8h-24h,10d down [3942] BAF57 up
BAF57 up 24h-96h up [3942] BAF57 down
IFNb up 8h,10d down -- Jak-STAT signal (KEGG)
VEGF up 10d down [43] MYB targets
IRS down 8h-10d down -- IGF signal (GO)
  1. Temporal perturbation patterns, supportive literature works and extra experimental evidences all suggest the regulatory roles of these experimental sets in BMP6 induced osteoblast differentiation and mineralization. Experimental sets came from MSigDB [51] c2 collection, where the original names for these significant gene sets are: Lei_MYB_Regulated_Genes, BAF57_BT549_Dn, BAF57_BT549_Up; (B) Der_IFNB_Up, VEGF_Mmmec_6hrs_Up, IRS_Ko_Adip_Up (down regulated by IRS since up-regulated upon IRS knock down).