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Table 5 Significantly overrepresented transcription factors identified by ENCODE ChIP-Seq peaks based on the TRED Database

From: Proteomic patterns of cervical cancer cell lines, a network perspective

Transcription Factor cell line tissue of origin peaks near TSS of the genes of the extended network peaks near TSS reported on SwitchGear p-value
Pol2 HeLa-S3 cervical 608 7766 2.15E-067
TCF4 HCT-116 colorectal 455 5543 1.93E-050
E2F6 k562 Leukemia 488 6343 1.12E-046
Max HeLa-S3 cervical 313 3375 2.90E-042
c-Myc HeLa-S3 cervical 250 2395 1.88E-041
NFKB GM12878 Lymphoblastoid 195 1802 6.78E-034
E2F1-HA HeLa-S3 cervical 315 4272 7.57E-024
  1. ChIP-Seq peaks mapped to regions corresponding to the promoter sequences as considered for this study (-700, 300 bp), based upon transcription start sites (TSS) annotated by SwitchGear. Peaks near TSS of the genes of the extended network and reported on SwitchGear refers to the amount of peaks found in the corresponding promoter regions. P-values were calculated by a hypergeometric test. Sample size was considered as the amount of genes that corresponded to the proteins of the extended network. Population size was the number of reported TSS reported on SwitchGear with a score greater than 20.