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Table 3 Automated model development

From: Automated Bayesian model development for frequency detection in biological time series

Models Model ratio
H0ζ/H1ζ 1.9459e-06
H1ζ/H2ζ 1.0256e-167
H2ζ/H3ζ 622.5
H3ζ/H4ζ 566.3
H4ζ/H5ζ 501.8
H5ζ/H6ζ 99.2
  1. Posterior probability ratios of models including a different a number of background functions, ζ, in the analysis of the time series in Additional file 1, Figure S1. The first two ratios favour the more complex model (ratio below 1). The ratio between models with two and three background functions, H2ζ/H3ζ, is above 1 thus favouring the simpler model. The analysis would then normally automatically stop at two background functions, but for demonstration we include more functions here. The ratio stays above 1 thereby building a chain of decisions that always prefer the simpler model.