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Table 1 Part of the results of single parameter perturbation analysis.

From: An improved kinetic model for the acetone-butanol-ethanol pathway of Clostridium acetobutylicum and model-based perturbation analysis

P +5% P -5%
P Enz Rd P Enz Rd
Vmax19 BDH 0.0076 Vmax19 BDH -0.0082
Vmax17 BK 0.0061 Vmax17 BK -0.0063
Vmax18 PTB -0.006 Vmax18 PTB 0.0063
Vmax14 B-C-B 0.0076 Vmax14 B-C-B -0.0082
Vmax11 AAD -0.0003 Vmax11 AAD 0.0003
Vmax7 AK 0.0054 Vmax7 AK -0.0054
Vmax9 PTA -0.0012 Vmax9 PTA 0.0012
Vmax15 CoATa -0.0072 Vmax15 CoAT 0.0074
Vmax8 CoATb -0.0002 Vmax8 CoAT 0.0002
Vmax1 PTS 0.0088 Vmax1 PTS -0.0088
  1. This table lists part of the results of perturbation tests on single kinetic parameters. Here “P” denotes the parameter perturbed. “Enz” denotes the corresponding enzyme. “+/- 5%” indicates up/down-shifting the parameter value by 5%. “B-C-B” stands for enzyme series BHBD-CRO-BCD. Subscripts “a” and “b” indicate there are 2 CoA transferases catalyzing R8 and R15 and here we took them in uniform.