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Table 2 TP, FP, FN and TN values for the mapped TFs in the target genome

From: Regulatory link mapping between organisms

  TFbl TFf TFsf
Number of mapped links 1344 903 212
Number of mapped TFs 767 434 118
True Positives (TP) 400 328 91
False Positives (FP) 367 106 27
True Negatives (TN) 33062 33323 33402
False Negatives (FN) 1522 1594 1831
  1. Comparison of the three result sets of predicted transcription factors (TFs) identified for the A. thaliana genome based on binary classifier. TFf result set is analysed as the preferred set for transcription factor mapping. E-value threshold used for BLAST is 1e-1.